OCD / The Office Culture and Design


From our studios in New York and Copenhagen we partner with brands and institutions to create powerful environments and design solutions that transform people – and people transform organizations, industries and societies. We are the OCD / The Office for Culture and Design – a studio cross-breeding art, architecture, culture and design.

Leveraging our expertise, interest in disciplines ranging from science to social studies and our multi-industry network, we conceptualize and build products and immersive retail, public and cultural environments and interventions that are as epic in their sense of scale as they are intimate in their level of craftsmanship.

We design to elevate people and to transform organizations, industries and societies for new growth, for surprise and for betterment of our world.

The scope of our work ranges from contemporary art galleries, retail spaces, exhibitions and public installations, often blurring the lines between concept, beauty and function.

New York Studio
45 Broadway Studio 2
Brooklyn NY-11249

Copenhagen Studio
18 K-1573

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Larry Mayorga
Head of design

Juan K Rojas
Head of development

Jasen Chambers
Modeling, 3D, New York

Bajun Riddick
Research, architecture, construction, New York

Karriem Loves
Research, design, modeling, New York

Firas Alshalabi
Project management,
New York

Leo Lundgren
Construction facilitator, Nothern Europe

Karin Balzer-Meyer
Ceramist, Netherlands

Christina Braun
Metal Welding, Cologne, Germany

Hiroshi Kumagai
Environmental graphics
New York