To give the deserved and renewed importance to the work of Greta Magnusson Grossman the concept of the exhibition design was built upon one main idea: Grand Perspectives. We translated this idea with the use of the beautiful full space at Arkitekturmuséet as a grand room in a castle or dancing ball.

The lay out is repetitive and symmetrical for a clear overview, straight paths that can easily be rearranged to be used in other spaces and projects. An expansive sense of scale with four large photo frames were made to show the iconic architect as an individual of the greatest importance. The 1:1 reconstruction of an interior of GMG is made as a traditional architectural wooden scale model but in full scale.

The exhibition was built with the use of different materials, colors and expressions, the displayed objects are rather dark (dark wood and stones). As a contrast, to make the work of Grossman more visible, we have worked consistent with two materials and color throughout: white lacquered sheets of aluminum, paper and white color, referencing the work of an architect does derives from the paper. The set design could be seen as an undrawn drawing. All the metal surfaces are treated as they were thin sheets of paper. The desk tops are proportioned from the sizes of the A4-system. The supporting structure to the table tops are made like paper card houses. The exhibition is made to travel and can easily be flat packed and reinstalled.